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Fleet Management


Fleet Management & Security

Cellock is the leading provider of fleet management, fleet diagnostics and automated vehicle security systems providing real-time, web-based management and tracking of enterprise fleet assets.

Cellock provides solutions for commercial, government, and law enforcement organizations who manage and operate large fleets, and who seek to enhance customer service, improve the security of their drivers and vehicles, and lower business costs.

Cellock Secure

Safety and Tracking solution Cellock Secure is a scaling safety solution that can be used for tracking telematic terminals. With this solution the operation of security and transportation companies can be made more effective, safety of social workers, home nurses, taxi drivers and other people working in a risky environment on their own can be secured.

With the means of Cellock Secure, help can be sent faster and more accurately to the right location. This helps to intensify operation, decrease costs and, above all, save human lives.

The Cellock Secure Central Station software is the Security arm of the Cellock Mobile Positioning Management System that can be used as a tracking application installed in a service centre or in the customer’s own premises.

Emergency messages and location updates can be sent from Cellock’s telematic terminals to the service centre. If necessary, service centre can also request the location of the terminal.

The location can be found from the map in the software, and help can be sent directly to the right location. The Cellock Secure Central Station utilizes the Cellock GIS System of digital maps that include detailed road networks with addresses and worldwide route planning directions.